5 Easy Ways To Prep Your House For A Party

House parties are one of the most fun ways to party. With clubs getting more crowded and restaurant prices going over the roof (even the air you breathe is taxed there), house parties are the most fun ways to socialize. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, or a public holiday or just because you are bored, throwing a house party is bound to make everyone have a good time.

Prepping for it though is not a piece of cake; it’s more like baking the damn cake. There are many steps involved in making your home a “party zone” (nobody uses that word anymore, do they?). Here are some of them which can assist you while you make your house “happening”:


Whether it’s BYOB or not, keeping a fixed budget always helps. Decide where you want to spend and where you want to save. If the budget is limited, you can make it BYOB as well as ask your guests to get some food as well. It’s always simpler if one gets the nachos and the other, some hot dogs. Spend your money on something which will make a difference like a bartender or home cleaning service right before the party.

Guest list:

The good as well as bad thing about house parties is that there is always double the number of people you invite (if there are lesser number of people you have invited then it’s sad, but you can always play Taboo instead, far better than parties anyway).  So make a list of the people you are calling and make sure even if they get someone along, you are informed. Avoid calling people who you know will create a scene if you want to save the china you will use to serve the food.


The most important thing in every party is food. If you know the people are just coming to get wasted, stick to finger food, lots and lots of it. They are easy to cook and time saving too. Even if you plan to serve dinner, keep it simple. You can always call for takeout Chinese food or order the cheesiest pizzas in bulk and you know the guests will be more than happy. Make sure you don’t run out of food, that’ll be horrible. You can also turn the party into a potluck by asking (read: forcing) your closest friends to carry food.


Nobody likes to party in a filthy house, though you know the state of your home is going to be filthier post-party. Cleaning the home can be quite taxing before as well as after. The advice you get here will be that the money you saved on food and drinks can be invested in hiring house cleaning services that will do the dirty job for you. Make use of them before the party to welcome the guests into a clean house (especially the hot boy/girl you are trying to get acquainted with) and more importantly after the party. You know, to clean the vomit in the bathroom and broken crockery on the floor of the kitchen (along with your heart).


No party without music! It’s a rule etched in stone which no soul can ever defy. If getting a DJ and a music system up to the whole “DJ-ing” level is too high for your standards, then fret not. Technology has done us a favour by putting everything in one gadget, so even if you don’t own an iPod or a music system/player, just sync your phone to speakers or laptop connected with speakers and rev up the volume. It might shatter your glass windows though.

Thus, here are a few tips you can use and throw the coolest house party ever, as well as snag the hot boy/girl, for whom you have primarily thrown the party for.


Henry Dutchens is an employee at Maid in Melbourne, which is a cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Being tech savvy, he enjoys experimenting with all his personal gadgets. Visit www.maidinmelbourne.com.au  for more information.

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