An Elegant Home Deserves a Sophisticated Flower Decoration

An Elegant Home Deserves a Sophisticated Flower Decoration 2


The interior of a home defined as elegant requires some standards – everything should be combined with taste and with a clear vision of how it will look like in the end. This is a place where items are exactly where they are supposed to be and clutter is unthinkable. A home with clean lines painted and furnished mostly in shades like white, beige, grey or brown with little pops of color here and there speaks only of high class. It’s all about style. Minimalism instead of out of place color explosions. Order instead of chaos. Such a home reflects sophistication in every sense.


Add Color with Flowers


An Elegant Home Deserves a Sophisticated Flower Decoration 1

With little personal touches, you can have just the needed amount of color without it being too much. There are ways to do that with flowers. What’s so great about them is that they come in a variety of shades. Also, what makes them suitable for a decoration in your elegant home is that they can be changed according to your mood. If you don’t want something too bright and eye-catching, you can always go for more pastel flower hues. Accessorizing your classy home with flowers is what can give life to those clean lines and dull tones.


Lucky Bamboo Plant


An Elegant Home Deserves a Sophisticated Flower Decoration 3
Lucky Bamboo – Photo Courtesy: Matthew Fern

A lucky bamboo plant will perfectly match the clean lines of your home. As you can probably guess, this particular plant is supposed to bring luck. Because of its strength, fortitude and rapid growth, it is believed to be a symbol of success as well. Also, having a lucky bamboo around is recommended by the Feng Shui principles.

By the way, the green color is one that calms the mind down. What you can do is take a glass container, fill it with decorative stones in neutral colors, pour some water in it and place the lucky bamboo plants in between the stones. While they are still small, you can put this composition on top of a piece of furniture, and when the plants grow higher, they can be moved on the floor, where they will still look good.




Another classy flower decoration idea for your elegant home involves a sophisticated natural color palette. What you need to have in order to put this idea into practice is a tray, naturally looking decorative stones, a round glass bowl, tea candles, lilies, and water. Take the tray and place the bowl in the middle. Arrange the stones in the tray around the glass bowl. Put a few tea candles in the tray in between the decorative stones. Pour some water in the round bowl. As for the lilies, before you place them in the bowl, you have to cut the stems to different height. One lily can be left with just the blossom, another with a higher stem, and the third can slightly stick out of the bowl. Just make sure that you don’t go over the board with the number of flowers you put in there. Voila, you’re finished!

Such kind of flower decoration contributes to a peaceful atmosphere with its neutral tones. All this is part of the ‘Whisper’-style floral trend and features colors like beige, coral, cream, gray, charcoal, blue and shimmery copper. The emphasis here is on simplicity and lack of clutter, which will perfectly compliment your elegant home.


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