Decorating Your Home With Personalized Photo Canvas Prints

Decorating Your Home With Personalized Photo Canvas Prints 1A beautiful Canvas Print from a happy family picture – Photo Courtesy: Shardayyy


When it comes to personalizing your living space, adorning your walls with photos of friends, family and your favorite places is the perfect way to turn your house into a home. Proudly displaying your most cherished photographs will turn even the plainest of walls into your own private art gallery, while offering a great alternative to impersonal store-bought prints and posters. Thanks to advances in canvas printing, it is easy to transform your snapshots into museum-grade works of art that you will be proud to display in your home.


Decorating Your Home With Personalized Photo Canvas Prints 2
Canvas Prints are stretched and wrapped around a quality wooden frame. Above: A variety of Canvas Prints like Stretched Canvas, Framed Canvas and Acrylic Prints at DIGITAL PRINT, Australia.

With large-scale canvas printing, any digital photo that you own can be transformed into a high-quality canvas print, complete with wrapped frames of various thicknesses. Unlike traditional printing methods that are limited to just a few colors, with canvas printing every single color is accurately reproduced, guaranteeing that your images will be crisp, clear and true to the original color.


Choosing Your Images


Deciding which of your personal photos to print onto canvas depends on where you are going to hang the print. Try to choose pictures that are focused, well-composed and have clear, vibrant colors in order to ensure your image looks good when it is transferred onto the canvas. Imperfections in the photo such as red-eye, blurring or discoloration will be magnified when the image is blown up and could lead to disappointing results from your canvas printing order.


Decorating Your Home With Personalized Photo Canvas Prints 3
Family pictures turned into nice canvas prints by Jolante of Netherlands – Photo Courtesy: Jolante van Hemert

It is also important to remember that you can only order prints of images which you own. Copyright laws forbid printers from reproducing photographs for anyone other than the rightful owner, meaning that it is illegal to order a print of an image found on the Internet (such as from someone’s personal social media page or a website).


People, Places or Things?


When choosing images to use for home decoration, it can be difficult to decide whether to pick ones that feature people (like friends and family members), places (such as vacation destinations) or things (objects, buildings and vehicles).

In general, larger prints are best suited to photos of landscapes, images of water or cityscapes, since these types of photos are usually of sprawling spaces. This means that the scale of the print will match the scale of the image, providing a well-balanced piece that is perfect for displaying above a couch or in a large hallway. The same holds true for photos of cars, boats and buildings – try to match the size of the print to both the room it will be hung in and the subject of the photo.


Morro Bay Harbor showing the three Òsmoke stacksÓ of the local D

Above: Look at this stunning vista of Morro Bay Harbor on the coast of California captured by Mike Baird just after a rare thundershower. This image was likely to be exhibited as a canvas print at a Light Photographic Exhibit in Los Osos, CA Chamber of Commerce send-off. Photo Courtesy: Mike Baird

Smaller prints tend to be the best choice for photos of people, since the scale of the print is more closely matched to the content of the image. While oversized, bigger-than-life photo prints of people can be interesting to look at on a poster or billboard, when placed in a home they usually seem awkward and feel uncomfortable to look at. The same holds true for pictures of animals and pets – a good rule of thumb is to never make the print larger than the real-life subject of the photo.


Decorating Your Home With Personalized Photo Canvas Prints 5
You may even get some inspiring words mounted as a Canvas Print for your home. Photo Courtesy: Mae Chevrette

With canvas printing, your photos will be preserved for decades, giving you a durable, memorable piece of art for your home or office. By choosing high-quality photos to print, you will be able to personalize your living space with affordable, museum-quality unique works of art created by you.


Guest blog by David Dobson, manager of Digital Print Australia, for all your canvas prints.


  1. Maggie says

    Great post! I’ve been experimenting with canvas prints and I’m amazed by how much they’ve transformed some of the rooms in my apartment. I recently ordered a few prints from a company called Bumblejax. I spent more than I planned to, but in return, I got a really amazing print on acrylic. I believe they also print on aluminum and bamboo. You should check’em out for your next project!

    • Sandy says

      Thanks for your input Maggie! I’m glad that canvas prints brought a new look and life to your rooms and made you happy.

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