Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas

Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 1Decorated Fence – Photo Courtesy: Tulane Public Relations

For a modern homeowner, a fence is much more than a functional element that serves to mark boundaries and enhance the privacy of a yard or garden. In fact, it is an indelible part of the landscape and can step up the “curb appeal” of a home by quite a few notches.

If you are planning on installing a new fence or refurbishing your old one, here are a few helpful ideas to ensure that your fence reaches its full aesthetic potential.


Cover it with climbing plants


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 2
Photo Courtesy: Antti T. Nissinen


Covering a fence with flowering vines is the oldest trick in the book to convert a dull and drab fence into a conversation starter. Plant vines at 4-6 inch intervals and secure them with wires until the roots hold up. Remember to water, prune and trim them regularly to make sure that your garden looks well-maintained and perfectly manicured at all times. Clematis is one of the most popular among climbing vines.


Use a splash of color


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 3Colourful Fence – Photo Courtesy: Stuart

Game for something funky? If you have a lattice fence or a solid wooden fence, you can decorate the outer wall with a classy mural or graffiti. You can even use colorful and textured tiles or pieces of colored glass between the grids to achieve a bohemian look. If that sounds like too much work, simply paint your fence in fun colors to give your outdoors a vibrant look. The bottom line is: don’t be afraid to experiment.


Add some knick-knacks


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 4
Fence decoration – Photo Courtesy: Dan Paluska


Depending on the type and height of your fence, you can style it up with some exciting accessories like bird-houses, lighting fixtures, door knockers, bells, sculptures or plant hangers. For example you can break the monotony of a tall, solid fence by hanging shadow boxes of different sizes all over the fence and place potted plants, earthen pots or sculptures within these. Wrought iron lamps, curtain tiebacks and rustic lanterns also make for good fence adornments.


Dress them up for special occasions


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 5Rred bows on a white picket fence and christmas ornaments – Photo Courtesy: Steven Damron

When you are getting decked up for your next garden party, don’t leave your fence behind. Fences can be used to make striking décor statements if you use a little creativity. Hang floral bouquets on the fence for a sophisticated look or use garden gloves, scarves, and stockings to add an element of fun to your garden. If you are hosting an outdoor birthday party, you can use your fence to hold up balloons and streamers as well.


Use interesting materials


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 6A beautiful frosted plexiglass fence – Photo Courtesy: Tim Cuppett Architects, Austin, Texas, USA

There is no rule that states that fences have to be made of wood, vinyl or metal only. You can use unconventional materials such as frosted plexiglass that not only looks beautiful and unusual, but also makes your yard or lawn look more “open”. Moreover, it gives you privacy without the claustrophobic, closed-in feel of solid fences.


Maintain it well


Fast And Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas 7

Lastly, make sure that your fence is in top shape at all times. All your décor ideas will fall flat if your fence wears a tattered and battered appearance. Wooden fences, in particular, need extra care since they weather and rot easily. Use appropriate coatings to protect it against termites and add a fresh coat of paint/polish from time to time.


Henry Strauss is a hardware engineer at Rhino Fencing and Gates and likes to write blog posts in his free time. His recent article covered the need and benefits of rustproof aluminum fencing.

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