Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase

Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase 1Looking down the spiral staircase of St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest – Photo Courtesy: Paul Charlesworth


Versatile in style and space efficient, a spiral staircase is a practical luxury sure to enhance any home. Wrought iron elegance, sleek, gleaming steel, the warm glow of wood – this type of staircase can work in just about any interior or exterior home design setting. For home remodeling or renovation projects, such as those involving the addition of a second floor to an existing home, a spiral design is ideal in terms of practicality and cost.


The History of the Spiral Staircase


Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase 2The Classic Steel Staircase with Refined Beauty built by Salter Spiral Staircase

Part of what makes this staircase option so versatile is that it has been a part of architectural design for thousands of years. Castles, churches, and temples all have incorporated variations of this type of staircase. The Queens House, commissioned by King James I and completed in 1638, includes the famed Tulip Staircase. This variation doesn’t include a center pole, and was the first of its kind in England. As the stunning ironwork of the Tulip Staircase demonstrates, even stately historic homes can add this type of staircase and be period correct in design.




Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase 3The New Look For Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Modern interior design movements, including those using sustainable living influenced smart space utilization philosophies, appreciate the design value of a spiral staircase. In addition to adding a gorgeous touch, they are space savers. This type of staircase has a minimal footprint when compared to the more standard types of staircases, leaving more room for other uses. Versatility in materials used in the construction is another positive, allowing for a broad range of expression in style.


The Easy Way


Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase 4Aluminum Spiral Stairs Enhance any Deck – All the above shown exterior aluminum staircases built by Salter Spiral Staircase

Many say that there is no easier way to add a staircase to a structure, in terms of labor and cost, during a major remodeling or renovation project. Not only are they suitable for interior design, but those constructed of galvanized metals offer a highly durable exterior staircase solution. There are numerous design options to choose from when using this type of staircase outside, as well. They can design to protect from the elements, while ensuring safety in use.


Make your Home Gorgeous with a Spiral Staircase 5
Matching stained bead board adds a maintenance-free custom finish to this stair well. Cast iron cups secure balusters to the shoe molding while adding beautiful detail.

A spiral staircase offers the advantage of being as beautiful as it is practical, making it a smart and stylish addition to any home, whether it is installed inside or outside. This type of staircase is truly a feasible luxury. It is pleasing to the eye, cost efficient, and space conserving. With the right choice of materials, a well-designed staircase of this sort can last for generations, as some of the most historic architectural wonders of the world clearly demonstrate.


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