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If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to have your very own swimming pool installed, you might want to read this article before you go ahead and order one. There are some very important questions that need to be answered before deciding on the design and type of pool you really want. After all, since the pool will be around for a long time, you may as well get the one that will suit your purposes the best.




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If you have wanted a pool for years, you probably have a few ideas of the type you really would like. You should also have a look online to see what types of products and features are currently available. Your ideas may be a little outdated and it pays to keep up with the latest technology. Once you have decided on the ideal design, you can contact the pool builder and start to turn your dreams into reality.


Pictures Are Good


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It can be extremely hard to put a visual idea into descriptive words, if you happen to see a pool design in a magazine that you really like, just bring the magazine to your pool builder. He will appreciate the gesture and will have a much better idea of your vision of an ideal pool. If you are struggling for ideas, just type in ‘swimming pool galleries’ in your search engine and you will soon be spoilt for choice.


Pool Builder


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A great pool can only exist if the pool builder is equally as great, so do not just use the first builder that you come across. If you happen to see a lovely pool in your neighbourhood, do not be shy to ask the owner about its origins. When you have narrowed down your choices, you should interview them as if you are their potential employer, because that is exactly your role is in this business relationship.




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The shape of your swimming pool is very important in relation to the design and its intended use. If you want to hammer out a few lengths after work, you should go for the classic rectangle shape. But if you prefer to float around on a lazy afternoon with your kids, you may prefer a novelty shape. Think about your garden space and style; if you have a lot of vegetation and trees in your backyard, you could think about a free form swimming pool.




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You should have a budget in mind before you speak to the pool builder, otherwise you might end up overspending in a big way. He will happily take your money and will make your pool as beautiful as you can afford. Ask him for an estimate and explain that you will not be happy with any hidden surprises along the way. The builder should know how much you have to spend and will stick within that limit when suggesting ideas. If you find that he is stretching things too far, just say goodbye and look for a new one.


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