The Complete Guide to Tree Houses

The Complete Guide to Tree Houses 1Pete Zappasodi’s Tree House in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, complete with a floating staircase rounding up in front of the house. It also has a 5 foot x 3 foot Romeo and Juliet balcony! Photo Courtesy: Treehouse Supplies


What are Tree Houses?


Needless to say, almost every person is aware of tree houses. These are innovatively designed structures that are built across the branches of trees. They are not only attractive and beautiful, but are also highly spacious. Today, tree houses are much more developed when compared to their earlier versions. The construction of these houses is done by the eco friendly and locally available raw materials such as hay straws, coir mats, bamboo poles etc. One can find a wide variety of tree houses which are extremely unique and interesting.


History of Tree Houses


The Complete Guide to Tree Houses 2Bewilderwood Treehouse in Horning, England, GB – Photo Courtesy: Spencer Wright

Tree houses are actually having a great and rich history in the real world. During the renaissance period in early 1500s, tree houses popularity had grown widely worldwide. People from Britain also enjoyed living in the tree houses and it has become the most important part of the culture in Tudor England. Do you know that oldest tree houses are still in existence today? Truly, if the tree houses are built in right manner, they can survive for many years.


Outstanding Vacation in Tree Houses


These days, tree houses are coming in latest designs and models. These are fully equipped with the modern amenities such as beds, bathrooms, wash basins, furniture and much more. Designers of tree houses are building in a unique way which is more spacious. They are also adding the sit outs or carpeted balconies that can delight the loveliness of surroundings in the lap of nature. Simply, it is a complete home with all natural and fresh air and water. For the tourists, the tree houses give a very rare and a special experience by making their vacation more exciting.


The Complete Guide to Tree Houses 3Above: Banyan Drive Treehouse in Los Angeles, California, USA, by Rockefeller Partners Architects – Part office/studio, part recreational getaway, this unique project is located at the base of a large pine tree in the backyard of a canyon residence. The owner is an artist and lover of nature so this Treehouse, perched twelve feet off the ground, will serve as a creative respite from the demands of domestic responsibilities. Photo Courtesy: Rockefeller Partners Architects


One can enjoy their holiday trip with family and friends by staying at tree houses. This is because you can experience the beauty of nature around – like sweet voices of birds, rustle of the grass, swaying of the trees etc. This will really get you more close to the nature where you can take pleasure to view the entire scenery from the top.


Construction of Tree Houses 


The Complete Guide to Tree Houses 4Kadir Treehouse – This treehouse is at Kadirs treehouses in Olympos, Turkey. An incredible place to stay! Photo Courtesy: Jon Rawlinson

Generally, the material used for building the tree houses is wood. Building these houses is not an easy task where it requires creativity and high level skills. Perfect planning plays a very crucial role to get the best output. Another factor is a design that should be safe and secure. The entire process requires extra thought and care by using the sound environmental skills. So, choose the healthy tree where the roots are deep in to the ground.


Methods used in Construction


In this creative and innovative world, people are expecting more uniqueness from the tree house designers. Designers are using the latest technology and numerous techniques to fasten the construction of these houses.


The Complete Guide to Tree Houses 5

Struts and stilts are one of the techniques used for relieving weights on a lower elevation or straight to the ground. By using these, there will be less strain for the tree and prevent stress, and injuries caused by puncture holes. Stay rods are another techniques that are particularly useful to control movements caused by wind or tree growth. Friction and tension fasteners are now the most recent invention into this world that secures your tree houses. They are used for gripping the beams to the trunk by means of counter-beam, threaded bars or tying.


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