Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir!

Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir 1Photo Courtesy: Tinymine Small Living

Could your bedroom do with a little more glamour? Bedrooms should be sanctuaries that relax, calm and promote good sleep. But all too often, they turn into something of a dumping ground with dirty laundry on the floor and over-spilling cupboards and drawers.

There are a few little touches that you can add here and there to turn your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity. Here are a few ideas we came up with (but before you do anything, give your bedroom a jolly good tidy first!).




Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir 2
Photo Courtesy: midorisyu


The right lighting adds so much to any room, but particularly the bedroom. Dump those practical old lamps and the dusty lampshades and illuminate your room the classy way! Choose sumptuous lamps with lace, frills and delicate patterns.

For an overhead light, choose a lampshade with glassware or sequins that glitter in the light. Use a low-wattage bulb so that the light isn’t too bright. Up-lighting on walls works really well, and pop a few scented candles about the room for when you just need to unwind, relax and take your mind off things. We could all do with a bit more of that, don’t you think?!


A Dressing Screen


Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir 3Brian Reid “Screen With a View” Folding Screen – 3-panel screen of Sugar Maple, bleached White Oak and quilted Big Leaf Maple. Upper panels are pierced and sandblasted Maple. Photo Courtesy: Brian Reid

Nothing screams ‘Hollywood Glamour’ like a dressing screen! You will feel like a star when you disappear behind your dressing screen at night, only to emerge wearing some beautiful nightwear or lingerie. Every relationship benefits from a little mystique – your other half will love watching you come out from behind your dressing screen.

Dressing screens are available in all sorts of styles and patterns – from carved wooden ones to cast iron laser-cut screens. Choose one that is detailed and beautiful for the perfect look. If you have the budget, get one especially designed for your needs.


Silk Sheets


Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir 4Photo Courtesy: The Integer Club

Treat yourself to some exquisite bed sheets and your sleep will become more enjoyable than ever! Choose Egyptian cotton or silk for a really luxurious feel. Lace-edged material will make it feel even more special. Cheap materials such as polyester and nylon just won’t feel the same, so it’s something that’s worth investing in. Choose some matching cushions to pop on top and perhaps a throw or an eiderdown.

A word of warning here – beware the ‘red sock’ washing machine disaster – one false move and all of your expensive bed sheets could be ruined!




Turn Your Boring Bedroom Into A Bourgeois Boudoir 5Colourful Classic Bedroom – Photo Courtesy: Boa-Franc

The right colours in a room are vital. If yours has been splashed with magnolia by default, then it’s time to get a little more creative. Light blues, pastels, pinks and purples are perfect and they create a very relaxing feel. Choose colours that complement your bed sheets to bring everything together perfectly. Invest in a chaise lounge in a gorgeous deep red or purple for an added layer of glamour.

You deserve a bedroom that gives you the perfect place to unwind. It should be stylish, comfortable and somewhere you can disappear from life for a while with no distractions. Put the TV elsewhere, leave your phone in your bag, and retreat into your little piece of heaven. Sweet dreams!


Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She enjoys experimenting with the interior setting of her bedroom and is keen on trying laser cut screens for giving her room a glamourous yet sophisticated look.

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