Vintage Home Decor Tips

Vintage Home Decor Tips 1Photo Courtesy: Melissa O’Connor


A home decorated with traditional, vintage objects can give you a great sense of comfort, bearing its own charm and beauty. Regardless of what you own, be it hand-me-down pieces or something you found on the flea market, there are a few good ideas that will help you create the perfect background decoration for your home.



Vintage Chandelier


Vintage Home Decor Tips 2 Photo Courtesy: Sherry Rose

You can attempt to find a vintage chandelier if you want a more classic look. Finding a good one however, might take up a lot more time than making your own if you’re not lucky. You can make one yourself by using a hanging wire planter for example, paired with some beads and hanging prisms. Depending on the style you’re going for, this may not exactly be the best solution, but it would be something worth looking at if all else fails.


Wall Art


Vintage Home Decor Tips 3Hello, Art! Photo Courtesy: Becky Striepe of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You can use multiple different objects, glued to a single frame to create an interesting type of wall art. Old tableware, toys and other little objects can be used in such tasks. Wall art will also need to adhere to whatever choices you have made for the style of your home of course, as you don’t want it to look like it doesn’t belong there.




Vintage Home Decor Tips 4Photo Courtesy: Caty

Place single flowers in some glass dishes or small glasses, cutting their stems short and giving them some water. These make excellent temporary decorations and centrepieces, creating a different approach to the more traditional vases and other similar solutions to flower decorations.


Old Colorful Handkerchiefs


Vintage Home Decor Tips 5Cotton handkerchiefs in various colors and designs from the 50s and 60s – Image Courtesy: Joanna Bourne

If you have a lot of older, colorful handkerchiefs that don’t serve a purpose and still look good, you can work on giving them new life. Sew them together and turn them into a cover or a small curtain, depending on your choices. It will look more or less whimsical and colorful, so consider that when you make the choice and whether it fits your overall ideas.


Antique Mirror


Vintage Home Decor Tips 6
An antique Chinese mirror with beautiful carved figures around it – Photo Courtesy: Miheco


If you want to buy a large piece of high-quality furniture from an antique store, this can easily prove very expensive, as most of these usually have great value. On the other hand however, hanging an old mirror or using an older piece of furniture can give your home a much more interesting look than it would look like otherwise.


Message Board


Vintage Home Decor Tips 7
Photo Courtesy: Strudelt


Use a frame and a small chalkboard to create a classic, functional message board that doesn’t rely on post-it notes or any other similar office supplies. You can place it on your refrigerator or your wall, depending on your needs.


Patterned Blanket


Vintage Home Decor Tips 8
Sunbursts in the Snow Blanket! – Image Courtesy: Leanne Growden


Use a patterned blanked so you can give your sofas or your chairs a new look. This can make your antique furniture even more interesting, softening the edges and giving it a nice, cozy feel.


Check Your Flea Market


Vintage Home Decor Tips 9Hell’s Kitchen Antiques Fair & Flea Market, every weekend in New York City – West 39th Street at 9th Avenue. Look at this seller’s antique wares, and you appreciate the eclectic array at the market: genuine antiques, cherished collectibles, ephemara, and furnishings and accessories from the “mod” era of pop culture – from Art Deco-esque tea trays from the 1920’s, like the one in which your grandma still used to bring hot tea to you and your mother, to a pair of all-white, 1960’s groovy, swivel plastic chairs shaped like eggs. You can sit in one and your cares fade away in your semi-ensconced environment!! Photo & Description Courtesy: IseFire

Check the local flea markets for an opportunity to find some interesting odds and ends that carry potential. You can combine much of what you find there with a bit of ingenuity and work, creating your own furniture and objects that doesn’t adhere to your regular rule of thumb. Chandeliers, wardrobes, tables, night stands and pretty much anything else can all be created by using such items.


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