Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom 1Photo Courtesy: House to Home


Vintage decoration always adds a certain elegance to any home. The enduring appeal of all things vintage, be it furniture, wall decorations or collectables, is characterized by their classic excellence and enduring appeal. No wonder, many people take very good care of their antiques and decorate their home with them.

If you also like a touch of vintage in your décor, why not continue that theme in your child’s room with a few older pieces? Your children will learn to appreciate the beauty of their elegant surroundings and will carry many of these valuable things onto the next generation.

Here are some ideas for decorating a child’s room with vintage stuff:


Older Dresser


An older dresser with good lines is instantly updated with paint. Heirloom white is always right, but choosing a super contemporary bright can make the most of great details. Paint the drawer fronts with a contrasting color and add new hardware for a practical mix of modern and vintage.

Consider adding decals to your walls for even more color and style, and a look that’s super easy to change.


Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom 2
To mix the old with the modern, you may consider using wall decals like the one shown above. (created by Alison Evans of Wrexham, UK)


Vintage Plates


Vintage plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are usually fairly inexpensive to acquire. Think of them as frames for other pieces. Look for colors you like, even if the pattern isn’t your first choice. Then add your child’s initial with decoupage, or use a glue gun to add a premade wooden letter you’ve painted in a coordinating color.


Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom 3
Photo Courtesy: Miss Brasil


Or adhere a few small toys that are no longer in use. It’s instant personalized art that mixes both modern and vintage.


Vintage Prints


Vintage prints are also an inexpensive accessory for a child’s room. Favorite books that have seen better days can be disassembled and the pages framed. You can also use the pages as mats for favorite family photos. Or scour your local thrift store for interesting pictures with kid-friendly subjects and colors; a modern frame will bring it alive.


Old Game Boards


Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom 4
An old dart board – Photo Courtesy: timlewisnm


Old game boards like Checkers and Candyland are beautiful when framed on the wall. You can even pull them down and use them for play. Or pick up vinyl albums at garage sales for a few bucks. Many of them have strong graphics; all you need is a frame for a colorful touch of the past.


Older Toys


Beautiful Vintage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom 5Photo Courtesy: Country Sampler


Older toys are another great idea for kids’ rooms. Kids love knowing about their parents’ past, so if you have things from your own childhood, consider putting them on display (in shadow boxes if you’d prefer that your kids not touch them). Or find similar toys at flea markets. They should be attractive, of course, but if they are decorative, they don’t have to be in perfect working order.

Since quality standards are much higher now, it’s best not to let kids play with older toys for safety reasons. If the temptation is too much, consider picking up wooden toys at a craft show. These beautiful low-tech pieces will look vintage, even if they aren’t.


Vintage Textiles


Vintage textiles are readily available at estate sales. Use old sheets to make curtains, or turn a table runner into a pillow. Less-than-perfect quilts can be cut down to kid-sized blankets or pillow shams. If you don’t have enough fabric for your entire project, look for a companion modern fabric with a nostalgic feel, or use classic fabrics like gingham or pillow ticking to complete the look.


Author Bio: Alison Evans is writing this article on behalf of Wallart2u – a website and blog specializing in the manufacturing and creation of beautiful Modern Wall art.


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