Home Interiors and Decorating Ideas


Vintage Country Cottage

Making your house a home is more than about spending money, you need to spend the time to inject your personality into every corner. You’ll want to create a place where memories can be made, where you can spend quality time with your family, and enjoy relaxing at the weekends.

We all know that getting a house completed isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes planning and thought, and time to create. You will definitely want to do some research into the different types of houses, the architecture, interiors, decor and homeware.

The most beautiful homes are often the ones with a real sense of personality, where every piece has been thought through, and each little piece of crockery, vintage mirrors and sofa throws have been lovingly chosen. Remember that money can’t buy taste, but you can develop your own home style that will be the envy of all those that visit.


Home Designs


If you’re looking to start designing your home from scratch, then have a look through our designs section, which will inform you about blueprints and floorplans as well as showing you all sorts of types of homes you could build. From French country homes, English country houses to Victorian homes and the ultimate dream homes.




Each room needs to have attention paid to it. Every space has a different function, and you’ll spend different amounts of time in each room; make sure you’ve thought this through when you decide how much time, money and energy goes into each room. Your bedroom is your personal space where you will spend about 1/3 of your life in, so make sure that this is a space where you can really relax. If  your are not satisfied with your present decor, plan on some good interior designing to improve it.




Different people like different styles. Don’t feel you ought to conform to any particular interior ‘look'; instead go with what you really like. You could pick an overall theme for the entire house, for example, contemporary decor or bohemian style. Or perhaps, you would prefer to have a different theme for each room; say a black and white bathroom, oriental kitchen and an African family room. Stay true to your own tastes while embarking on a new home construction or when planning a home improvement project.




Blue Cushions in Bedroom



Pay attention to detail when you furnish your house, as these are what will really lift the space. Doorknobs, taps and light fittings are crucial to the way your house will feel when visitors step over the threshold. If you’re after a more Eco-friendly approach, then choose green furnishings that will aid the environment as well as make your house look expensive.





Vintage Homeware


A great way of making your house feel lived in, and to give it an extra dose of character, is to choose vintage and antique homeware. Head to your nearest vintage store or auction house to pick out something truly unique that will look fantastic in any country house or city apartment.


Country Gardens


The garden is a great place to spend time during the summer months, and so spending time on it is important. Decide what you want to do in your garden, and then design around the activities; for example, if you want to eat then create a dining space, but if you want to grow vegetables, then you’ll want to make a vegetable patch.