Granite Floors Scream ‘Style’ – But Only When They’re Clean!

Granite Floors Scream 'Style' - But Only When They're Clean 1Fascinating reflection in black granite of a beautiful mouth-blown glass vase, made for Peggy by her son Peter, with sunlight streaming through it from the window. Photo Courtesy: Peggy

If you have granite floors in your home, whether inside or outside, you’ll know just how much class they add to your dwelling. Granite is chic, polished and beautiful, and it is a really great choice of material for most floors.

However, granite can get grubby and not showing it off to its full potential should be a crime! It’s really easy to clean a granite floor with just a few tips. We’ll show you how, so that you can make sure your granite flooring is always in peak condition!


Why Granite’s Great!


Granite Floors Scream 'Style' - But Only When They're Clean 2
Rounded Granite Boulders – Granite is a rock that is homogeneous in 3 directions, so it tends to fracture at right angle. Photo Courtesy: Alan Levine


Granite is an igneous rock, made up of lots of little pieces of minerals such as quartz – well, technically, granite is a rock made up of quartz, mica, and feldspar minerals (as pointed out by Alan Levine, a reader of my blog and to whom the above picture belongs – thanks, Alan) – and that’s what gives it its sparkle. It is found all over the world and it is popular in construction because it is so durable, and also because the colour can vary so much. Granite adds so much to any home. Because every slab is slightly different, you get that natural variance in pattern and colour tone.

Some people worry that granite can look too ‘cold’ but this is easily solved with under-floor heating or a big cosy rug laid out across the middle of the room. The other great benefit of granite is that it is so hard wearing – it doesn’t matter how many people tramp across it on a day to day basis – it won’t look worn or tired.


How to Clean Grubby Granite


Granite Floors Scream 'Style' - But Only When They're Clean 3
Even this cute Baby Taniyah finds it easy to clean a granite floor – Photo Courtesy: Ste Elmore


Granite is really easy to clean. Just sweep a brush and then a mop over the flooring and allow it to dry naturally. Do this once a week, or whenever it is needed. Its natural sparkle will be back in no time. Avoid using strong chemicals though – there is no need for this and it will do damage over time. Soapy water isn’t enough though – you need to seek out cleaners that have been especially made for granite floors. Using dedicated cleaners will ensure they never ever start to fade or look dull.

It’s easy enough to get hold of the right cleaner; just ask in your local household store, or alternatively have a look online. When dealing with large patches of dirt, scrub with a sponge that isn’t too abrasive – it shouldn’t do any damage. Make sure any spillages or stains are removed quickly to ensure they don’t seep too deeply into the granite.


Maintaining Granite


Granite Floors Scream 'Style' - But Only When They're Clean 4

Every six months or so, apply a layer of sealing agent to the floor in order to keep it in the best possible condition. This will help to protect and preserve the granite, and will also make cleaning easier too. Again, this sealing agent is really easily acquired – have a look online if you struggle to find any in the shops. Sealing the granite makes sure that any spillages sit on the surface of the granite until you can clean it up, rather than letting it permeate the stone.

Regular care and maintenance will definitely prolong the life of your granite floor so it’s definitely worth a little effort in order to keep it gleaming for many years to come!


Jenny Wadlow, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger by profession. She is a creative person, well read on home redecoration and she has covered the benefits of using granite pavers in this article.

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