Let’s Drag Your Kitchen Into The 21st Century – Your Family Will Love You For It!

If you enjoy spending a lot of time in your kitchen and seem to be constantly wrestling with second rate appliances that are well past their sell by date, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to something a little more current.

There are some very cool modern appliances out in retail-land that will make many of your kitchen based tasks a lot easier and a lot more fun. Some of these haven’t yet made it to the boring home improvement centre and you may be surprised to see how innovative they actually are. If you fancy a little change, please read this article for a few real kitchen corkers!

Lynx Downtown Electric Grill – £1132.65 http://www.lynxgrills.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=204

Our first modern kitchen appliance is a real beauty from those folk over at Lynx, and they have developed a very high performance grill that really does what it says on the tin! For years we have been tied to gas powered grills because of the lack of good quality electric versions. Sure we can use the gas powered barbeque outdoors but it is always tied to a great big old cylinder that isn’t exactly portable and can run out leaving us high and dry. This American-made grill is extremely versatile and is a real match for any gas producing kitchen appliance. You can move it out on the patio for those lovely summer events but you’ll no longer have to worry about the supply running out mid-steak anymore! The grill surface reaches an amazing 700 degrees Fahrenheit and you can monitor this via the accurate digital display. The grill is not cheap but you will soon understand why this appliance carries such a premium, it’s a real professional piece of equipment that will grace your cooking events for many years to come!

Vacu Vin BBQ Cooler & Cooling Plate – £40  http://www.vacuvin.co.uk/359/Barbecue_Cooler_Cool_Plate.html

Well, our second gadget/kitchen appliance is also aimed at the lazy Sunday afternoon barbeque fans out there and why not? It is now officially summertime at last! If you are lucky enough to experience a very hot afternoon whilst toiling away at your favourite grill, you sometimes need to keep an eye on the raw meat situation. You can leave it in the fridge but at some point it needs to be transported over to the barbeque area. Or you can bring it out early on and chuck it on the grill as you please. Both scenarios have issues attached and many a plate of expensive victuals has been dropped on the patio by a butter fingered ‘helper’. And those pesky flies love helping themselves to the raw meat for an afternoon snack. Well now you can eliminate this dilemma by introducing the Vacu Vin BBQ Cooler! This cool device, literally, keeps your meat nice and cool on the patio with the need of any ice to keep it chilled. It comprises of three sections and they are all separated nicely without any possibility of the meat becoming compromised. The lid sits nice and tight and the meat section is on top of the freezer pack powered base. The contents will stay chilled for hours and you’ll have it all there at arm’s length when it’s time to wave your barbeque magic wand!

Throw Another Shrimp On The…

So there we have it, 2 very cool gadgets that are bound to make your grilling experience a heck of a lot more enjoyable. Just remember to invite the neighbours for some envious stares!


Charles Ray works with LionHart Boutique, a leading provider of bedroom furniture in Leeds. He has a keen interest in interiors and suggests that a modern day house should always have a unique element that defines it.

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