Ways to Change the Vibe of Your Home

Ways to Change the Vibe of Your Home 1

If you are looking for a change and feeling as though your home is a bit dull then it may be time to consider your options. Technology is pretty fascinating. It is constantly changing and there are always new advancements that are going to help make your life easier and organized. While most people seem to think about changing things such as their furniture and rugs when it comes time to mix things up, technology can change the vibe in a room just the same and on top of that, it has a way of making your life easier or more exciting that nothing else out there can do.

Today we are going to focus on a few of our personal favorite home additions that we think you are going to love. They are something you and your family is going to definitely enjoy.


Video Games Where You Are the Controller


Ways to Change the Vibe of Your Home 2
Christine having ‘Kinetic Fun’ – Photo Courtesy: Brad K

Video games have gotten pretty fascinating these days. They aren’t what they used to be. Instead of needing wires to connect you to the game, you can now go completely wireless. To make things even better, if you have an Xbox Kinect, you actually become the controller. All you have to do is literally stand in front of the device and it is going to read your body. It can even tell the difference between you and your family members.

The amount of games available on the Kinect is pretty amazing for it being such a new addition. If you have children, this is going to be a great bonding experience for the both of you. There are games where you can compete in dance competitions, see who can get through obstacle courses quicker and much more. It’s such a great workout and since it is so much fun, you won’t even realize you are working out.


Control An Entire Room Without Stepping A Foot Inside


These days, anything you can do to save money on your electricity bill is a good thing. There are actually devices that you can hook up where you would normally have your light switch that can not only control the lights but your television, your blinds and pretty much anything else in your home. These are great for families with children because it allows you to quickly make sure things are off when they should be without stepping a foot in the room.


Make Your Television a Piece of Your Appeal


If you are one of those people who likes your devices to blend nicely with your room so you do not lose the appeal you have worked so hard to create, then you may want to invest in a transparent television. The picture is amazingly clear when they are on but the moment they turn off, you can literally see directly through it. This makes it become a part of your room and not the center of all the attention when it shouldn’t be.

Ways to Change the Vibe of Your Home 3
This transparent HDTV is straight out of the future, and could soon appear in your living room – Photo Courtesy: Yahoo News


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